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Gains from Behavioral Finance

       October 12, 2017  Gains Behavioral Finance.pdf

Instead of merely trying to not fall victim to the human foibles revealed by behavioral finance, how can we go a step further and capitalize on all the stupid things investors do?

Liquidity as a Style

         December 4, 2015.  Ibbotson-Liquidity as an Investment Style.pdf

Roger Ibbotson et.al. present a compelling case and data as to why liquidity can produce excess returns even more so than the usual factors of value, size and momentum.

Style Reversion to the Mean 

        December 4, 2015.   If Factor Returns Are Predictable_Why is There an Investor Return Gap.pdf

Styles or factors run in predictable cycles, with most investors exiting and changing managers, funds or investments when they should be buying.  The article was published by Research Affiliates and is written by Jason Hsu, Ph.D.  Below are reports on my endeavors to test and implement this very provocative article.  

Presentation Slides for Twin Cities AAII Chapter Program

       December 3, 2015   AAII Dec 2015.pptx

These are the PowerPoints I used in my presentation to the local AAII chapter titled "Dangerous Maxims."  I also review other research, some of it described on this site.

Reactions to and Suggestions for the National AAII Conference

        November 10, 2015.  AAII 2015 Conf Reactions.pdf

I had the privilege of attending the National AAII Conference in Las Vegas November 8 and 9.  The attached write-up is about some of the issues I saw presented, and some that I saw missing.


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