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Health Finance


Yes, But is it Health Insurance?

          January 3, 2011      Yes But is it health insurance MISF.pdf

Many economists, politicians and commentators mention that going forward, the costs of Medicare and other medical services are the biggest threat to our economy.  Well, I wrote a paper about how to think out the solution, and here it is!  If you like thinking from new perspectives and alternative paradigms, this is for you.  I sent it to former Senator David Durenberger, now chair of the National Institute of Health Policy at the University of St. Thomas, and he replied, "I took a great deal from your article 'yes, but is it health insurance.'  I am going to use it in my health policy class.  And probably on other occasions. It is ahead of its time, certainly way ahead of the current reforms which are important, but costly."


A Replacement for Health Insurance

         August 27, 2009   Replacement for Health Insurance.pdf

Because our nation is now involved in an intense debate about reforming how we pay for health and medical services, I reviewed and edited a paper I did on the subject in 1995 when I was studying the matter as part of a Ph.D. program.  The paper describes why insurance is inappropriate for most healthcare services and then suggests one of many possible alternative ways to structure paying for services. 

Since the paper is lengthy, I have also included a brief Health Finance Advocacy Statement as well as a biographical statement of my background in healthcare procurement. (Health Finance Bio.pdf.)


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