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How we work together  

  • Business Model

    For active management Wenzel Analytics prefers a minimum of three or four portfolios in your account, each with seven to twelve positions.  This facilitates excellent returns with minimal downside risk.  The Internet and low commissions have enabled private money management as an alternative to mutual funds.   Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) instead of stocks are used for smaller accounts and passive investing in larger accounts. 

  • Work for you and paid by you

    You hire me to do what I can to make the lines on the charts go up.  Wenzel Analytics does not sell securities, insurance or financial products.  I manage your account for you, but do not sell securities to you.  All Wenzel Analytics income is from client fees rather than commissions.  I work for you, not a financial institution.    

  • Choosing Each Other

    I expect clients to entrust me with their money because they have trust in me and confidence in my abilities based upon a review of performance and methodologies.  It is important for me to not just manage money like the manager of a mutual fund who doesn’t know the investors.  As I work, I think about the person whose stocks I am buying, selling and managing and the impact such decisions have in your life and future.  Each quarter I prepare your written quarterly report, and welcome opportunities to go over it with you.  Immediate data about your account is always available online from your broker.  

  • Mechanics

    After you open one or more accounts with Scottrade, you sign an authorization for discretionary trading by Wenzel Analytics.  The custody responsibilities fulfilled by Scottrade are very separate from the buying and selling responsibilities of Wenzel Analytics.  Accounts may or may not be an IRA or other qualified account. 

  • Fees

    Normal fees are $50 per quarter and .25% of the account value for cash and stocks at the end of the quarter.  Fees are prorated if significant deposits or withdrawals were made during the quarter, such as for new accounts coming on mid-quarter.

    Asset management fees are invoiced at the end of each quarter.  There are no initial or advance fees.  Management fees may be withdrawn from your account if authorized.  This provides convenience, and for IRA accounts, an easy way to pay the fee with pre-tax dollars. 

    The combination of a flat fee and a percentage fee enables us to competitively manage both smaller and larger accounts.  The total management fee is a larger percentage for the smaller accounts, but still enables the smaller investor to benefit from our high return strategies.  These prices are competitive to the total of published and hidden fees of most mutual funds.  The fee is generally less than arrangements where there is an asset management fee plus the fees associated with mutual funds selected by the asset manager.

  • How to get started

    Review information available on this web site.  Download and review the ADV Part II and Agreement form.

    Our meeting has three topics and typically lasts a couple hours.   It is a meeting for you to ask questions and collect  the information you need to feel comfortable delegating investment responsibilities.

    1. We review your situation.  How would any assets managed by Wenzel Analytics fit in with your total investment strategy and allocation?  What are your expectations? 

    2. We review Wenzel Analytics.  What is the investing approach?   What is the history of how the different strategy alternatives were developed and what has been their performance?   We may together select the portfolios you want to deploy.  

    3. We do the mechanics.  You review and sign the agreement that legally defines our relationship.  Ask any questions about the ADV Part II.  You sign the form to authorize discretionary trading.  We talk about how to open and fund Scottrade accounts.

See Investing Process for a detailed description of how Lee selects and manages investments. 

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